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Ivingswood Academy

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  • Red Kite Schools Trust

Who's Who




Mrs Swaysland    


Inclusion Manager


Mrs Newington 


Office Staff


Mrs Seal             School Administrator

Miss Hollings      Office Assistant

Miss Smith          Office Assistant


Pre School and Nursery


Miss Rose           Manager

Mrs Dickson

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Woolnough

Ms Zain



Mrs Yates      Reception Teacher

Mrs Akhtar

Ms Grubb

Mrs Parry


Key Stage 1


Mrs Stacey    Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Sands


Mrs Dunton    Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Gomm


Key Stage 2


Ms Batten       Year 3 Teacher & Assistant Head

Miss Akhtar


Ms Gogarty / Mrs Krendell     Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Cruse


Ms Smith        Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Threadgold


Mrs Flynn           Year 6 Teacher & Assistant Head

Ms Jenkins

Mrs Taylor


Support Staff


Mr Newns              Site Manager

Mrs Hussain          Midday Supervisor

Mrs Maduemezia  Housekeeping

Miss Booth            Housekeeping

Mrs Jordan            Midday Supervisor

Miss Moulder        Midday Supervisor

Mrs Punt               Midday Supervisor

Mrs Hewitt            Midday Supervisor