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Year 1 Trip to Waitrose

Year 1 journeyed down to Waitrose for a peek behind the scenes and a tour if this local branch of a major supermarket. They learnt carrots aren’t always orange, were somewhat awed by the fish on display and very surprised by the appearance of minced beef in its raw state – ‘like worms’, apparently. A tour of the fridges and freezer – minus 18 – and bitingly cold, taught them much about food storage and they were very impressed by the recycling plant


"Huge thanks must go to the staff in Waitrose who were superbly welcoming, so helpful in sharing their knowledge and instrumental in delivering real-life learning to a large group of excited year 1’s. We were also extremely grateful for the tolerance and understanding of the Waitrose shoppers who clearly understood the real value of our visit and encouraged the children as they moved around the store." - Sally Haynes, Acting Headteacher