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Early Years Department

Early Years Department


Ivingswood Academy Early Years Department offers high quality provision, learning and care for children aged two to five . The department is organised into three classes within the setting:


Pre School for our youngest children from their 2nd birthday .

Nursery from the September after their 3rd birthday .

Reception from the September after their 4th birthday.


Our team of friendly staff are committed to:


Easing the transition between home and school, so your child settles well and is happy to stay with us and you feel confident they are in safe hands.

Ensuring that your child feels valued and secure.

Helping your child develop positive relationships with other children and staff.

Getting to know you and your child and catering for their individual needs and interests.

Encouraging positive attitudes to lifelong learning.


The Areas of Development and Learning comprise of 3 prime areas:


-    Personal, Social and Emotional Development

-    Communication and Language

-    Physical Development


There are 4 specific areas:

-   Maths

-   Literacy

-   Expressive Arts and Design

-   Understanding of the World


Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born.  The care and education offered by our setting will help your child to continue to do this by providing them with interesting activities that are appropriate for their age and stage of development.


More information about the guidance we follow can be found at the following websites:


Our aim is to provide “Learning through Play” enhancing the development and education of your child in a caring, safe, secure and stimulating environment. Children are given the opportunity to learn together using both indoor and outdoor learning areas.


Pre-school and Nursery opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 to 11.30. 

Reception children stay all day from 8.30 until 3.00.  At the beginning of term children’s start dates are staggered to allow them to settle into a smaller class before all children attend.  We will write to you to inform you of your child’s first day. The Early Years department often break up a few days earlier than the school, this will be detailed in the term dates available on the website.


Each Class is Teacher/Graduate led and the majority of Early Years staff hold a level 3 qualification. All our Early Years staff have a wealth of experience and and are committed to providing high quality learning experiences to the children in the setting.  Every child is allocated  a Key Person so that we are able to support and get to know parents and children.  We plan for each child's individual needs, through activities and experiences designed to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, taking into account their interests.  Every class has its own separate outside area as well as sharing a large playground, garden and grassed area.  We also utilise the main school environment, using the school hall, field and visiting the spinney with the children.


There are a number of policies relating to Early Years which are available for you to read in school at any time; you will also find  some of these at the bottom of the page.



Come & Play Mornings


We regularly hold "Come and Play" mornings where parents are invited into the Pre-school, Nursery and Reception classes to join in with activities and see their children playing and learning.  All the dates are on our weekly newsletters and on notice boards in Early Years.



Home Learning Matters


We recognise how important learning at home is and encourage all parents and carers to be involved in their child’s learning journey.  Research suggests that children’s achievement is influenced 80% by home and community and 20% by schools.  Children’s attainment is increased by 15% if parents engage with their child’s education.


We will ask you to complete a Needs & Interests form and an observation sheet each term.  This enables us to have a greater insight into your child’s life outside school.  We can then plan activities based on their developmental needs and what captures their imagination. 


We encourage all children and parents to access our well resourced (and ever expanding) Home Learning Library.  The library includes books, puzzles, toys, games, den making kits, cookery bags and activities for you and your child to share at home.  Each class has their own librarian and we are always keen to hear your suggestions for additions or improvements to this service. 



How you can help


It really helps us have more time to help your child if you…


Name everything clearly.


Put your child in jogging bottoms or something with an elasticated waist. Skinny trousers, dungarees, baby vests, tights, zips and buttons all slow down your child from being able to go to the toilet themselves or for us to change their nappy.


Make a comfort card for your child. We look at these often and they are a valuable resource each child should have in their tray.


Call us when your child is absent and follow up with a note when they return.


Talk to us! We love to hear about what your child gets up to at home. Finding out about what is going on in their life helps us to plan activities based around your child’s individual needs and interests.




Pre School


Pre-school opened on site in September 2009. It is registered to take up to 20 children between the ages of two and three years, per morning and provides a staff ratio of 1:4 for under threes, and 1:8 for children who are three years old. 


Children can attend Pre-school from their 2nd birthday.  Current prices are £15 per session. Some funding for 2 year olds is available. Please ask for more information or apply online:



We welcome parents in to play and read with their children from 8.30 until 9.00 every day. We are aware that your child is very precious and that leaving them can be difficult. We want your child to enjoy their time with us and for you to feel confident that you are leaving them in safe hands.  We work with you to ensure your child settles well and you feel confident to leave them in our care.


Children are able to choose from a wide variety of toys and activities in our well-equipped classroom, messy room and covered outside area.   During the morning the children sit down for a drink of milk or water and a wide range of healthy snacks, sharing this time with their key person.  Before going home children gather together for story time or singing.


We work closely with the Nursery class in the Summer term, ensuring children who will be moving up get to know their new teachers and become familiar with the Nursery environment before they start their new class.


Pre School Ofsted Report November 2014 - Graded GOOD





Children can enter Nursery in the September after their third birthday. All of our places are free and each child is offered five morning sessions per week.


We welcome parents in to the classroom at the beginning and end of each session. We encourage parents to spend the first 15 minutes of the morning playing or reading with their child, and the end of the session looking at or talking about what their child has been doing.


In Nursery, we encourage every child to make a bond with their key person, and to get to know all the other adults who care for them too. We help children to co-operate, play together and build relationships. Every day they share a snack and a drink with their friends, at the time they choose to.


The Nursery has a large main room and secure outdoor area, the whole space is set up as an open plan workshop environment , allowing children easy access to the resources they require. This encourages the children to move around independently making their own choices and decisions about their play and learning experiences.


Young children develop and learn mostly through active play. Quality play is chosen by the child, and promotes high levels of activity and concentration. Staff sensitively observe the children’s play interests and join in when appropriate to extend their learning.


We believe being outdoors is especially important for children, it helps support their  physical development, knowledge of the natural world and well being. As well as our own outdoor play area and garden we regularly go out to the larger playgrounds and to explore the pond and spinney within the school grounds.






Children enter Reception the September after their 4th Birthday. Reception children start school at 8.30 and finish at 3pm.  Parents are invited to settle their children for the first ten minutes in the Autumn term, before we begin our day. Registration is at  8.40. 


In the reception class, we encourage the children to become independent learners. The environment is designed for them to access the resources to develop these skills. The class is set up to stimulate learning and exploration across the curriculum.


As the year progresses, more structured activities are introduced reflecting the growing needs of the children, preparing them for year one.



If you would like to arrange a visit to see our Early Years Department, please call and ask to speak to Miss Jane Rose, EYFS co-ordinator on 01494 783070.